About This Site

This web site, ShermanInstitute.com, is actually a collection of sites connected to Sherman Institute’s other campus buildings.  Here you will find people and projects connected to each department (or school) within the Sherman Institute umbrella.  This index will guide you to the people and places you need.  Bear with us, as this page and collection of sites is being launched on 4-22-14, and will be under considerable construction for the next couple of months.  If a hyperlink is present, it will direct you to the location described.  If no link exists, it is a planned or under-construction area that will be active shortly.  We appreciate your indulgence as these new sites, features, and other academic enhancements are put into service.

Mission Statement:  Sherman Institute is a private association of instructors who seek to provide a broad, liberal arts curriculum based on the classical standard, and a theology program centered on scripture. Students can explore a variety of major and minor study disciplines, and will leave us with a moral and nationalist perspective, along with an advanced library containing a wealth of information generally forgotten in modern academia.

General Information is best found at our .INFO web site.  Newcomers should go there first, for the F.A.Q. page, Course Catalog, Current Semester Schedule, Press Releases, and other basics about becoming a student or instructor for Sherman Institute.

When ready to enroll in one or more courses, or to be considered for admission into a full program of study, complete a basic profile and create your log-in credentials on the .ORG web site.  It is run by Moodle software, and is where the course materials are posted, and made accessible, to registered site users and officially enrolled students.

This main (.com) site is administered by S.I. co-founder Aaron Bolinger.  Please report broken links or other errata directly.

Prospective students should contact our Registrar, Sarah Dlinn, and send a copy of your academic transcripts along with your student application (and application fee) to her.  It will then be forwarded to the appropriate Dean(s) for review, placement suggestions, and further contact in developing your Personal Academic Plan.


.COM Site Index

  • School of Theology (Dr. David Whitney, Dean)
  • School of English (Dr. Karen Ruff, Dean)
  • School of Political Science
  • School of Health Science
  • Magnet Secondary Education Courses (Dr. Karen Ruff, Admin.)
  • Magnet High School Journalism Site (Dr. Karen Ruff, Admin.)
  • Sherman Institute Booster Club (Aaron Bolinger, Admin.)